We’re very excited to announce that The Transparency Project has secured its first real chunk of grant funding, meaning we can move onto a new level in the work that we do. The brilliant Legal Education Foundation have awarded us a grant of £49,500 to fund two projects, borne out of our work to date.

  • This funding will enable us to expand our range of Guidance Notes to cover a wider range of “hot topics” in family law or practice which we identify as a source of confusion or difficulty for the families and those working with them.
  • It will also enable us to continue and expand our reporting on cases through our Family Court Reporting Watch project. We will now be able to pick up on more notorious or newsworthy cases, to explain them, to correct legally inaccurate reporting and to signpost to source material or informative commentary elsewhere.

To date, all the work that TP members put into this site and awareness-raising on twitter etc has been done in  our own time on a voluntary basis and fitted around our busy day jobs. We are not always able to respond to emerging new transparency issues as quickly as we’d like. So this is a wonderful new opportunity for us to develop our resources – and work more effectively to make family cases clearer.

We expect to start work in earnest in the autumn once all the Ts have been crossed and the Is dotted. Watch this space. In the meantime if you would like to suggest topics for future guidance notes, or if you see judgments or news reports of cases that you think we should explain, correct or write about please tweet / email us on @seethrujustice or info@transparencyproject.org.uk.

This funding is for specific projects and is time limited. We will still need to raise funds for ongoing day to day expenses. Our chair Lucy Reed is running the Bristol Half Marathon in September to raise funds for The Transparency Project. You can sponsor Lucy here, and you can also fundraise for us (by running or some other way) or donate to the project via justgiving.