Some of the things we are currently working on…


Guidance Notes

We have recently republished our Guidance ‘What to do if a reporter attends (or wants to attend) my hearing.

We are working on Guidance for parents which explains reporting restrictions in plain English, so they understand the what when where and who of what they can say and publish about their case.


Familycourtinfo Licensing Project

A project to make the local information site available across the country – we are putting the finishing touches to two local familycourtinfo sites and refreshing our offer to new local sites.


Legal blogging and social media

We continue to blog and tweet about cases which have been reported in the press, and to correct errors or gaps in the reporting of them so that they are better understood. Our small team of volunteer bloggers attend hearings and, where permitted, write about them. Read about legal blogging here. We make use of FOIs and open meetings and public records to find out more about what is going on behind the scenes in family justice. We support journalists, judges and lawyers to navigate family court reporting and participate in interviews to help explain law and legal decisions relating to families. We call out poor practice on transparency.


Education, culture and reform

We regularly offer training and talks or participate in panel discussions about transparency. Our members are active on The President’s Transparency Implementation Group. We regularly submit responses to consultations relevant to our charitable objectives.