Some of the things we are currently working on…

Legal Education Foundation Grant Projects

We have been awarded a grant from the LEF to develop a series of further Guidance Notes, and for our Family Court Reporting Watch project. See here for further details, or check these hashtags from time to time on the site : #guidancenote and #fcreportingwatch.

Recording Social Workers

We have recently published guidance on parents recording social workers, which has been positively received by social work bodies like the British Association of Social Workers. Read about the project.

Familycourtinfo Licensing Project

A project to make the local information site available across the country

Media resources

We are developing media resources to help them report more clearly, fairly and accurately and within the law

Publishing and social media

We continue to blog and tweet about cases which have been reported in the press, and to correct errors or gaps in the reporting of them so that they are better understood.


We are developing a dictionary of words used in and about family law and courts.