Core Group & Trustees

All our group members contribute to the comment and discussions on this website in their personal capacity.

We’ve collected together examples of where our members have appeared in the media on or around transparency or family law issues on our TP in the media page.

Lucy Reed KC

Chair of The Transparency Project.

Lucy is a practising family lawyer based at St John’s Chambers and 36 Family, and is a legal blogger at Pink Tape.

Author of The Family Court without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person.

Lucy is a co-author of Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice, along with Paul and Julie.


Paul Magrath

Trustee of The Transparency Project

Paul is a law reporter, blogger and editor at ICLR. Paul trained as a barrister and works as a legal journalist, law reporter and blogger. He regularly comments on legal developments on the ICLR blog.

Paul is a co-author of Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice, along with Lucy and Julie.


Louise Tickle

Freelance journalist specialising in education and social affairs.


Malvika Jaganmohan

Malvika is a barrister at St Ives Chambers in Birmingham.


Dr Julie Doughty

Trustee of The Transparency Project

Until her retirement in Jan 24, Julie was a lecturer in Law at Cardiff University School of Law and Politics. She taught and researched in children’s social care law and media law.

Julie is a co-author of Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice, along with Paul and Lucy.


Polly Morgan

Trustee of The Transparency Project

Non-practising solicitor, formerly a partner in a family law firm. Lectures at UEA Law School teaching adult relationships law and child law. Specialist area : finances on divorce. Polly has attended financial hearings as a legal blogger.


Alice Twaite

Family Court Reporting Watch co-ordinator.

Non-practising family law solicitor who advises families at the Family Rights Group. Alice also coordinates our Family Court Reporting Watch project and observes and reports hearings as a legal blogger.


Dr Judith Townend

Researcher and lecturer based at the University of Sussex with a particular interest in public & journalistic access to information, and specifically, access to courts & judicial data.


Our Patron

Our Patron: Clifford Bellamy

Clifford Bellamy was appointed a District Judge in 1995 and promoted to the Circuit Bench in 2004. He was appointed as the Designated Family Judge in three successive posts in the Midlands between 2006 and 2019 and in 2006 was also appointed a Deputy High Court Judge. From 2009 to 2018 he was a part-time Tribunal Judge in the Mental Health Tribunal. He was ordained as a Methodist Minister in June 2001. Clifford Bellamy retired as Designated Family Judge for Derby in February 2019 and will be sitting on occasion as a Deputy Circuit Judge.


All our contributors contribute to the comment and discussions on this website in their personal capacity.

Jack is a specialist children lawyer at Coram Chambers in London and Deans Court Chambers in Manchester. He is the secretary of the Transparency Implementation Group. 
Jack Harrison

Emily is a barrister based at Broadway House Chambers and is Deputy Head of the Family Team. She practises in all areas of family law, and has a particular interest in family and matrimonial finance.

Emily Ward


Barrister at 5 Stone Buildings, specialises in Court of Protection property & affairs cases and inheritance & trusts disputes. Interested in transparency and public understanding of the law.

Barbara Rich

Barrister, @barbararich_law

Kelly recently completed a socio-legal research study on the use of s37 Children Act 1989 at UEA. Kelly was formerly a legal adviser at Coram Children’s Legal Centre and legal researcher at 4PB chambers.
Kelly Reeve


Emily Boardman is a founding partner at Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP – family lawyers and mediators based in Oxfordshire. She has a national practice in adoption proceedings, appeals and representing parents in care proceedings.

Emily Boardman


Laura Vickers is a specialist children law barrister and mediator practising at No5 Barristers’ Chambers.

Laura Vickers


Jo is a partner and Head of Family at Forsters solicitors and former Chair of Resolution.

Jo Edwards


Emma is a lecturer in law at  the University of Winchester. She teaches family law and child law as well as law of torts. Previously, Emma was a part-time lecturer at the University of Southampton from 2011-2014, where she is currently completing her PhD. Emma’s Expertise lie in children’s rights,  Healthcare law, family law,legal aspects of sexual and reproductive health, medical ethics and bioethics.
Emma Nottingham

Lecturer in law, @emmacnottingham

Parent with experience of care proceedings. Annie runs the Surviving Safeguarding blog. 

Annie Bertram


Senior junior barrister at St John’s Chambers, Bristol, specialising in Children Law (mainly care proceedings) and Court of Protection health and welfare matters.
Abigail Bond


Sophie is a barrister based at St John’s Chambers in Bristol. She specialises in all areas of Family Law.

Sophie Smith-Holland


Tatiana is a Lecturer in English Language at Birmingham City University. Research on language-related aspects of access to justice, including communication challenges of litigants in person, legal-lay interaction, readability & comprehensibility of legal information online, digital literacy & online courts, language specific issues of vulnerable & digitally deprived litigants. Other research interests include investigative interviewing & forensic linguistics.

Tatiana Tkacukova


Katie is a barrister at Serjeants’ Inn Chambers specialising in healthcare related law. She’s also a Deputy High Court Judge allocated to the Family Division and Court of Protection.

Katie Gollop KC