The President of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane has taken the very brave decision to give an open explanation of his need to undergo open heart surgery next month, in order to explain the impact it will have on planned work in coming months.

Everyone here at The Transparency Project wishes the President well – we hope his surgery goes smoothly and that he is back on top form soon.

We have been assured that the President will continue to lead on transparency issues, and that the deadline for the submissions of responses to his call for evidence on transparency will be extended until the end of April. This is something of a silver lining, as the four week period for the gathering and submission of evidence was shorter than might have been desired. We had almost completed our submission in advance of next week’s original deadline, but it has taken some doing!. With the extension, all those with an interest in this area will now have time to properly think through what input they can usefully make. We think this will be to the overall benefit of the panel – a review has been too long delayed, but it does need to be done properly and taking into account all views.

We will in due course publish our response on the blog – and invite anyone or any organisation who submits a response to send us yours (or a link to it) so we can list all responses in one place as a repository of the responses from across the spectrum of views (email us at

Feature pic : Thanks to Oberhoster Venita on Pixabay