Everyone in the family court is working hard to try and keep the show on the road at a time when we can’t hold face to face hearings. There has been a lot of information and feedback from judges and lawyers, but until we published an impactful blog post by Celia Kitzinger last week about the experience of one woman, ‘Sarah’, whose father’s case was heard in the Court of Protection by video link (see also post by our Malvika, here), there has been little thought or input from the families these cases are about.

We want to change that.

We’ve put together an anonymous survey to see how it’s going on the ground for the families affected.

If you are a parent or some other family member who has been involved in a family court hearing in England & Wales since Covid-19, or if you have been supporting them – please complete our survey, or help them to do so.

Please share our survey by email or on social media pages, timelines and groups so it can get the most representative and broad sample of responses (we’ve posted it to our own social media pages too so you can share from there).

We will publish a summary of responses here in due course.

Complete the survey here :

Click here to complete the survey

We have a small favour to ask! 

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Our legal bloggers take time out at their own expense to attend courts and to write up hearings.

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Thanks for reading!

Feature pic : listen by Graffiti Living on Flickr (Creative commons – thanks!)