The Transparency Project was founded in 2014 and achieved charitable status in April 2015. The Project aims to promote better understanding of the family justice system in England & Wales by providing accessible and balanced information, and through facilitating public discussions about the system. You can see some of the things we are up to here, and read about the Transparency Project in the media here.

As we establish the project we would like to run events and to identify other areas where we can help to demystify and explain the Family Court system and family law – and improve people’s experience of it. But of course we will need to fundraise to do these things.

If you feel you are able to donate to The Transparency Project we would be grateful if you do one of the following :

You can now set up a monthly donation via our justgiving page.


Make a one off donation to HSBC a/c no 11508415, s/c 40-17-50 or using justgiving.

Organisations who sponsor us or have grant funded us are listed here. If your organisation would like to sponsor the project please get in touch by emailing