This site is a work in progress. Here’s how we’ll operate it.

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  • Respectful discussion only.
  • Ideas welcome. This is a forum for creative thinking – people may change their views following discussion or over time.
  • Please don’t post comments about the details of individual cases, although we will discuss reported cases insofar as permitted by law.
  • All project group members and contributors participate in discussion on this site in their personal capacity. Whilst we welcome consensus the group does not require its members to hold homogenous views and embraces a range of viewpoints. We may disagree with one another.
  • We are not pro-family court. We are not anti-family court. We want to give people the information they need to form their own views.
  • Any person or organisation who is referred to in any material on this site may comment or otherwise let us know if they are worried it is not accurate or fair. If material is inaccurate or unfair we will usually amend it, remove it or give the person or organisation affected a right of reply.
  • Please keep comments on topic : the topic is transparency, NOT the overall fairness of the Family Courts / Court of Protection.
  • Everyone involved in this site has a day job. Be patient.
  • We might change the ground rules if a consensus of the working group emerges.

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