In August we advertised for applications to fill the role of Project Coordinator at The Transparency Project – the person appointed would be the first employee in the project’s history, so this represents something of a step forwards for us.

We received over 70 applications for the position, and interviewed some fantastic candidates over a number of days.

We are really pleased to announce that our new Project Coordinators will start work on Monday.

Annie Bertram is known to many as @Survivecourt and writer of the Surviving Safeguarding blog. She is a parent who has been through private and public law proceedings, supported other parents through the process and who has trained social workers to think about their work from a different perspective.

Alice Twaite (@alicetwaite) has been a member of The Transparency Project team since its inception, and was instrumental in our adoption targets work, and the Cardiff BAILII judgments research. Her background is in law and social work.

Together they will fill the role of Project Coordinator on a jobshare basis.

We think their breadth of experience and skills will complement one anothers and we are very happy to have them on board as our first staff members.

As part of their role they will be making sure that Family Court Reporting Watch continues and grows, and that it incorporates the potential of the legal bloggers pilot.

You will be able to reach Annie and Alice at from Monday.

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