Our Alice Twaite attended a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London today, where Mr Justice Williams approved the publication of a press release agreed between various of Olly’s family members, in the hope it will encourage his and his mum’s safe return. Alice’s attendance, alongside representatives of the mainstream media, was made possible through the ‘legal blogger’s pilot‘ scheme.

Our earlier post about this case (with link to the earlier press release) can be read here : Another runaway mum in the news – what’s the story?

We reproduce the full press release below. The release has been authorised for publication, but other restrictions on reporting remain. We hope to report more fully about the hearing in due course.


The High Court today considered the case of toddler, Olly Sheridan, who has now been missing with his mum, Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, for more than six months.

The judge, Mr Justice Williams, said that he was gravely concerned that a child had been missing for so long and has made an appeal directly to Ellie to bring him back, promising to deal with her case fairly.  The judge has appointed a senior social worker to act in the case to seek to promote Olly’s welfare, making it clear that this does not mean that there is any chance of Olly being placed in foster care.  

Such are his concerns for Ellie and Olly’s welfare, Olly’s father, Patrick Sheridan, who only wants the return of his son, has agreed that if Olly is brought back by his mother before the next hearing, then he will not ask for Ellie or her mother, Donna, or sister, Maddie, to be punished for having any part in Olly’s disappearance.

Ellie’s mother and sister, who were both present at court and who spoke to the judge, fully support the judge’s appeal and are also urging Ellie to bring Olly back and to have confidence in the court process.

In a joint statement, Patrick, Donna and Maddie said, ‘We just want to know that Olly is safe and we plead for Ellie to return home as soon as possible.  We all agree that Olly needs to come home to his normal life surrounded by family and friends.’

Any member of the public with any information which might help to find Olly is asked to contact Essex police on telephone number 101.


High Court Judge, Mr Justice Williams, and Ellie Yarrow-Sanders’ mother and sister make direct joint appeal to Ellie to bring missing toddler Olly home, with reassurances as to how she will be treated and given a voice in court. #comehomeolly