Now that the legal blogging pilot has been extended in duration we thought it would be helpful to produce a short information leaflet that can be provided to people whose cases a legal blogger wants to observe. We hope that the information will give both litigants and professionals them some basic information about what the scheme involves so that they feel better informed and reassured about things – without oveloading them when they are trying to deal with the main issues in the case. We hope that legal bloggers will find it a useful item to take to court with them, as a non-intrusive way to reassure litigants or to help answer basic queries.

We have provided a space on the leaflet for those bloggers who wish to do so to identify themselves and to say where they are likely to publish their blog, as we have found that these are pieces of information we’ve been asked for before when attending.

As with all our materials the leaflet is freely available to download [latest version] and print, and feedback is welcomed.

Do visit our legal bloggers page for further information about the scheme – and let us know if how you get on if you attend.

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