From 15 May, journalist and legal bloggers will be allowed  to report on private law hearings in the three Reporting Pilot Courts, Cardiff, Carlisle and Leeds.  The Reporting Pilot that began on 30 January in public law is to be extended, so that a reporter who attends a hearing in a private law case – typically disputes between separated parents about child arrangements – can write on it, subject to  a Transparency Order.

This news is contained in a TIG Bulletin issued on 26 April. You can read a copy here. We can’t find it online yet but will add a link when we do. [UPDATE 15.5.2023 – the Bulletin and new TO were posted online today here]

 This is a brief list of other helpful information  in the Bulletin:

  • Attending Family Drug and Alcohol Court hearings
  • When to name an independent social worker
  • Improving the information in case listing to indicate whether a  reporter can attend and can report and what the issues in the case are e.g  category of abuse; allegations of domestic violence etc.
  • Hearings before magistrates in the three courts will be added to the pilot this autumn
  • An evaluation of the pilot by NatCen has begun and will be published this winter.
  • There is reference to an updated Transparency Order template (which we haven’t yet seen).

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