We know that everyone is a bit skint, or a bit worried about being skint right now. That is why we aren’t going to be banging a drum for individual donations from you – we know everyone has other priorities.

BUT, there is one way you can help us to raise a bit of cash to keep on ticking over. We don’t need a lot of funds to keep going since we are largely volunteer run, but we do need some funds and to keep replenishing them.

So, all you have to do is nominate us to win £1,000 by clicking on this link and filling in the details. You’ll need to put in our charity registration number (that’s 1161471) and select education as the sector. It’s a lottery, so the more nominations (tickets) we get the better our chances.

Please act now – the deadline is SUNDAY this week!!

Here is the link to the movement for good, nominate a charity page.

PS If any of you do have money burning a hole in your pocket, we’ll happily make use of it. You can donate that to us via justgiving here.