We’ve recently made some minor updates to a number of our guidance notes, which can be found here. We’ve updated the pdfs of each which are free to download and use, and will shortly be updating the online web versions too.

Our set of guidance notes now includes :

  • Common Law Marriage – The rights of unmarried couples & the myth of common law marriage – A guidance note
  • Section 20 of the Children Act 1989 – A guidance note for parents & professionals
  • Publication of Family Court Judgments – A guidance note for families & professionals
  • Media Guide – Attending and reporting family law cases
  • The use of experts in family court cases involving children – A guidance note for parents & professionals
  • How Do Family Courts Deal With Cases About Children Where There Might Be Domestic Abuse? – A guidance note for parents & professionals

We also wrote some guidance in November 2018 in response to news items about a particular case that highlighted an area of confusion : When should I apply for permission not to notify a father about a court case concerning his child?

We haven’t yet revised our guidance note about parents recording social workers (it needs to be updated to cover changes in data protection law in 2018), because we are waiting to see what the Family Justice Council publish. Watch this space….

The guidance notes are free to download, but if your organisation would like some hard copies of the guidance note we have a limited supply available, thanks to funding / sponsorship from the Legal Education Foundation and Bloomsbury Professional Family Law. Please email us if you would like some.