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Wonder of mobile internet means I can deal with cases on the move, top family court judge says – A blog on the curious focus of the Daily Telegraph’s report of W (A Child : No 4) [2017] EWHC 1760 (Fam) (10 July 2017), a case with significant public interest (beyond the President’s IT capacity):


Can a spouse claim your abuse or injury damages on divorce? – Polly Morgan examined news reports of one spouse’s compensation being shared with the other, on divorce, in the family court:


What is happening now on the case of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard? A roundup of events and commentary – We summarised some key themes from the ongoing news reporting about decision making in relation to Charlie Gard, and highlighted some pieces we thought particularly informative:


Talking about adoption and voluntary foster care under s.20 – We gathered some responses to Co-Operation or Coercion? (an important new publication from the Family Rights Group about fostering for adoption) and to press reports published with it:


See also Cooperation –  Not Coercion in Foster to Adopt Placements, a guest post by John Simmonds, Director of Policy, Research and Development, Coram-Baaf, published by the Transparency Project here:


Notably accurate (or otherwise transparency positive) reports:

BBC News linked their readers to the family court judgment they reported in Gay man wins Supreme Court case on equal pension rightsSuch practice (suggestive of confident, informed journalism) remains remarkably rare:



Local News Matters: 




Gibbs v Gibbs [2017] EWHC 1700 (Fam) (29 June 2017) Analysis of Mr Justice Hayden’s decision to commit a parent to prison for 9 months for sustained non compliance with an order of the family court:



Thanks to all those who responded to, or commented on, our newly published  Guide for Families on Publication of Family Court Judgments. We welcome all constructive feedback:






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The Transparency Project responded to announcement of a new panel at the Attorney General’s office ‘to drive forward public legal education’. See this twitter thread below for other interesting comments :


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