It’s 2 ½ years since we launched our Family Court Reporting Watch project, with grant support from the fantastic Legal Education Foundation. Since then we’ve produced 401 posts under the ‘FCRW’ banner, and we’ve had lots of positive feedback telling us how useful our posts are.

Our original 2016 grant funding has now run out, and we are fortunate enough to have a second grant from LEF to fund our two super coordinators Annie and Alice. Part of their role is to continue supporting FCRW, whilst also providing general support to the project, including the dreaded fundraising. Their posts are funded until October 2019, which in funding terms is not so far away. Annie and Alice have recruited new writers to contribute to FCRW, but the project won’t sustain itself without some core support in the longer term.

We are now actively looking for new ways to keep FCRW going, because it has become a central part of our work. We also want to make it bigger and better – for example, through FCRW we want to ensure that we are able to make good use of the legal blogging pilot (if it is extended in June 2019) to fulfill our core objective of MAKING FAMILY JUSTICE CLEARER.

As we busy ourselves with grant applications, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask for your feedback on FCRW – which posts have stuck in your memory? What has worked and what haven’t you liked so much? Please feel free to comment on this post or to email or tweet us if you prefer.

If you have found FCRW to be valuable and would like to see it continuing, and if you are able, we would very much welcome a one off donation or regular contribution from you. You can donate via our justgiving page.

And of course, as ever, if you’d like to write a post for us about a super interesting judgment you’ve just read, or if you’d like to flag up a mega-daft headline or correct a news item that hasn’t quite managed to explain a case properly – please get in touch.

Happy Easter from The Family Court Reporting Watch Team!!

Feature pic : Eggs by Sjors Ruijgrok on Flickr – creative commons – thanks