There is still no decision from the Court of Appeal on the conjoined domestic abuse appeals that we wrote about in February.

The Court of Appeal considers Domestic Abuse – Part 1

However, we did notice two judgments from HHJ Tolson published on Friday – and these look like they are two of the judgments that were being appealed in the four cases. The third one from HHJ Evans-Gordon has not been published as far as we can tell, and the fourth case involved case managements decisions and probably didn’t give rise to a judgment.

You can read those two HHJ Tolson judgments here :

H v C (Fact finding) [2019] EWFC B94

Re H (A Child) [2020] EWFC B63 

We have also been told unofficially that judgment is due to be handed down electronically at 10am on Tuesday. We’ve contacted the judicial press office to check, but keep an eye out on Tuesday or shortly thereafter for publication of a judgment on and Bailii. It’s likely that the judgment will reach the Judiciary site first, which is what tends to happen where there is publication of a judgment of particular public / media interest.

We will explain and summarise the judgment as soon as we are able. Again, watch this space…