The Transparency Project has been running since 2014. We think we’ve done some pretty good work since we first launched, and we’ve been greatly assisted in that by grant funding from the Legal Education Foundation. Although we run primarily as a volunteer organisation we do need funds to continue what we’re doing and to do more of it.

As our LEF grant funding comes to an end we are making efforts to secure the future of the project and to move it forwards to a new stage. We’ve got all sorts of ideas and plans to make that happen, but one thing we’ve realised is that we have been a bit backwards in coming forwards and asking those who support us for donations.

We are a registered charity, so you can be sure that any funds that you donate will be used only for our charitable objectives (public legal education around family law in England and Wales) – and if you donate through our justgiving site you can boost your donation by using giftaid.

We know that many of our supporters and readers won’t be able to donate, and that is absolutely fine. But we also know that we have many supporters who might be able to make a contribution, and who would find it easier to show their support this way than through a donation of their time.

So, no pressure for those who are cash strapped – but if you would like to make a one off or a regular donation – or if you would like to do a sponsored event for us – please visit our Just Giving page to find out how. Please do get in touch if you are involved in an event through which we could raise funds.

Thanks for your support, in whatever form it comes!

The Transparency Project Team


Pic by Pictures Of Money on Flickr – thanks! (Creative commons licence)