Ok, perhaps we’re getting a bit over excited this Valentine’s day, but we’ve just had a response from the team at the Daily Express, about our almost forgotten complaint on the (not) ‘flirtatious text messages‘ news items (see our post here, where everyone had responded to our complaints but the Express).

After apologising for the delay (caused by a move to new offices in Canary Wharf), they go on to tell us that, having considered our complaint and having examined the judgment –

…it is plain the comments from the judge relating to the text messages were findings of fact specific to the circumstances of this case. Those finds of fact did not set any form of legal precedent.

Consequently the article has been deleted.  I have spoken to the Head of News for Express.co.uk and raised your complaint with him. He in turn has spoken to the journalist who wrote the piece. 

Mwah! We don’t need flowers. We just need straight talking and a willingness to correct mistakes.

We see this as a really positive move by the Express though – regarding a serious case that had been trivialised by a number of media outlets.

Feature pic : quilt by Heather Acton on Flickr – creative commons – thanks.