Varying views and concerns have emerged in the weeks following the publication of the government paper on adoption in England. The policy landscape is still far from clear or agreed. The Supreme Court judgment published this week, on whether it is in the best interests of two Hungarian children for their case to be transferred to a Hungarian court or remain in an English one, adds to the mix.

Here at the Transparency Project we are working away at analysing Freedom of Information replies to requests we made to local authorities about the existence (or not) of adoption targets.

In the meantime, we recommend this article by Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn ‘Adoption targets – the good, the bad and the ugly’. The article appears in the February issue of Family Law [2016] Fam Law 148 and has been reproduced with kind permission.

Dr Fenton-Glynn is  currently updating her report on adoption law and practice across Europe, and is one of the speakers at the child protection conference on 3rd June. Her work was referenced by the Supreme Court in the recent Re N decision, linked to above. Other speakers and workshop providers include District Judge Gailey; Dr Lauren Devine; Maggie Siviter; ‘Annie’ from Surviving Safeguarding; Louise Tickle; Lucy Reed; the Open Nest; the Potato Group; Jerry Lonsdale; Victoria Teggin; Brid Featherstone and the Family Rights Group.

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