The Secret Family Court: Fact or Fiction? is available now in both print and digital editions.

UPDATE: 30 March. The recorded webinar is now online and freely available to view here.

To mark publication of this timely, important book by Transparency Project Patron Clifford Bellamy, Bath Publishing are hosting a free webinar to discuss some of the critical issues surrounding press reporting of family proceedings.

For approaching two decades, the family courts have been accused of making life changing decisions about children and who they live with made in secret, away from the scrutiny of the public gaze. Recognising the force of these accusations, senior family courts judges have, over that time, implemented a raft of rule changes, pilot projects and judicial guidance aimed at making the family justice more accountable and transparent.

But has any progress been made? Are there still suspicions that family judges make irrevocable, unaccountable decisions in private hearings? And if so, are those suspicions justified and what can be done to dispel them?

In this webinar – in association with Class Legal’s Family Law Hub –  the author, HH Clifford Bellamy, will be interviewed by Louise Tickle, nationally renowned campaigning journalist on family court reporting (and Transparency Project member). Louise will then chair a panel session with Sir James Munby, immediate past President of the Family Division, Lucy Reed, legal blogger and Chair of The Transparency Project and Dr Julie Doughty from the University of Cardiff (also Transparency Project trustee), to look at whether any progress has been made and what still needs to be done to maintain public trust in a fundamental part of the family justice system.

The webinar format gives you a unique chance to join in the discussion with some of the leading thinkers on the subject from wherever you are.

The event is free to attend but you will need to register in advance using the link below:


Event details at a Glance

  • When? 4-5pm, 26th March 2020
  • Where? Any computer with a broadband connection
  • How much? Free to listen in on the day