Weekly Round Up

  • Correcting, clarifying or commenting on media reports of family court cases
  • Explaining or commenting on published judgments of family court cases
  • Highlighting other transparency news




The Daily Mail reported on severe difficulties some adoptive families face in a manner that attracted considerable criticism

Several commentators responded swiftly with excellent blogs highlighting the failures and inaccuracies of this type of reporting:

The discussion seems set to continue a little longer with Libby Purves writing in the Times this morning in defence of Carol Sarlers Daily Mail piece. The Transparency Project also aims to comment.


Media reports we found notably balanced, accurate or otherwise helpful to transparency this week

The Transparency Project had a positive response from the Press Association to our blog on their piece for the Guardian based on a published family court judgment. (Girls rape claim upheld in Leeds despite prior no trial decision) The blog questioned the decision not to link readers to the public access site bailii.org.uk to read the judgment for themselves or at least let them know they could. The Press Association have since confirmed their agreement in principle to linking to judgments at bailii.org.uk in future Press Association reports. We have asked their permission to update our blog with their helpful email in full.


And should you have missed these….

‘England’s Stolen Children’ – Another missed opportunity

The Transparency Project eventually obtained a (time limited) English version of the French documentary on child protection in the UK and wrote about it here. Particular thanks are due to Sarah Phillimore for transcribing the programme so non-French speakers can access this documentary and form their own view.

The Guardian report that a ‘radical trial’ of family court hearings in public is about to be announced

Full blog and an update based on Sandra Laville’s email reply are here

Ex MP says open justice rules must be followed to the letter

Full blog on John Hemming statements in a Press Association piece for AOL news here.



Our explanation of GD & BD, involving grave police and council failures by West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield Council is here if missed.



Media reports about press regulation as the government consultation on next steps draws near to closure